Związek Centralny Dzieła Kolpinga, umbrella-organization bringing together over 40 local associations - polish Kolping Families. Currently there are nearly 1020 Kolping members in Poland. 

For over 12 years organization is financed through external sources (EU funds, public donors, European programmes) and carries out projects to support an unemployed, non-governmental organizations, children and adolescents and youth. 

Kolping operates widely in local communities, especially those most in need - the unemployed, youth and children. Our actions are based on the principle of "help for self-help." This means that we do not only strive the immediate needs, but we want to give needing support to people who are involved in solving their own problems, triggered the initiative and posed them the opportunity to continue to operate independently.

The overall objective of Kolping Society is to develop in any ability to shape their lives in a dignified and responsible. Therefore, our members develop their skills to be able to implement in different fields of life and contribute to solving specific problems the communities in which they live.

Kolping Society in Poland develop the following Erasmus + Partnership projects:



       Smart communication - smart youth participation - more about the project



       The challenges of the modern adult education in the face of demographic change


        Glocalization in adult education 



         Model of youth development for employment



        Art & Heart - tools to connect the people, change the world

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